Tyler Tysdal Enjoys Freedom Through Entrepreneurship

Tyler Tysdal, a Denver Colorado resident, has been active in helping entrepreneurs to start and grow successful businesses so they can achieve financial freedom. Recently Tysdal partnered with Robert Hirsch to start Freedom Factory, a business brokerage that brings their combined experience together to help business owners maximize their companies value for the best selling price. They created a video that outlines important points to remember when selling a company. The video then wraps up with Tysdal and Hirsch discussing how long it can take to sell a business. Watch the video here on Digital Journal

Robert Hirsch began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16. He has over 25 years experience in growing and scaling businesses. A&E’s TV show Sell It or Save It featured him as the host. This documentary special focuses on small, struggling businesses in America. Hirsch would help struggling business owners to make the most of their options, convincing them to sell or save their business.

Tysdal was just 13 years old when he started his own business as an entrepreneur. After completing his education, Tysdal earned his MBA attyler tysdal entrepreneur Harvard Business School. This gave him the foundation he needed to work with portfolio managers and investors in private equity funds. Tysdal is thankful for his own success, and he enjoys giving his time to help business owners answer any questions they may have about their struggling businesses.

Tyler Tysdal was a manager of a growth equity fund that was associated with many celebrities in the entertainment and sports industries prior to founding Freedom Factory. Tysdal’s portfolio with Leesa.com is one of his most well-known projects. This company grew quickly to over $100 million in revenues and had a unique visionary social purpose: to help people without beds. For every ten mattresses sold, one mattress is donated. With over 35,000 mattresses donated, the project has had a significant impact on people’s lives.

With Tysdal’s entrepreneurial skills and business experience continuing to increase, he is able to make a greater impact on the world through the company as a business brokerage consultant. Freedom Factory’s mission is to help others achieve freedom. People often believe that freedom is being free from attachment to any object. This paradox of freedom is what Freedom Factory is all about. As they age, people realize that true freedom comes from living with a purpose and helping others.

Freedom to spend time with family

Tysdal finds the greatest joy in spending time with his family. He is a former TV news anchor from Denver and enjoys being able to spend his free time with Natalie Tysdal. Tyler and Natalie believe that being active with their children will help them grow up and understand the importance of helping others. Follow Tyler on Instagram for more videos.

Tyler Tysdal and Family